XBox 360 Repair


DVD Drive Problems: $35 cleaning
$50 Laser Replacement
$70 Drive Replacement Max! (Very Rare!)

  • Open Tray Error
  • Unrecognized Disc
  • Disc stuck in drive
  • Tray wont open
  • Games Freezing
  • Only Some Games Play
  • Etc…

Full Cleaning / Optimization Service: $10 with any repair ($35 without Repair)
The Number 1 Point of failure on an XBox 360 is Overheating  due to insufficient airflow.
Insufficient airflow can be caused by placing your 360 in a spot next to a hot Stereo System, in a cabinet, or even on the carpet in front of your TV!
It can also be cause by Dust & Dirt Buildup! We can open the 360 & clean all the dirt and debris out making it easy for your xbox to breath!

360 Phat to 360 Slim Hard Drive Conversion! 

  • Moving from an Old style 360 to the Newer one and need your Drive to work on the new one?
  • Buying a New Harddrive for your 4Gig Slim (4gb 360 slim)
    Most new games need a actual Hard Drive so the 4gb Slim can not play them and Drives are over $100!!!
    We can bring that price down for you! – Simply purchase an Old Style Phat drive from Game Stop, Prices start at only $15 for those,
    Bring us the drive and your Receipt showing you got it from Game Stop and we will upgrade it to a Slim Drive and install it for you for $15
    Thats $30 Total for a 20 Gig, $35 for 60 Gig (Prices from Game Stop as of May 2014: $15 for 20gb & $20 for 60gb) Prices subject to change without notice!
  • Already have a Drive? We can convert it, and place it in a Slim Drive Case – $20 including the Slim Case and Install to your Slim
    ($15 with Game Stop Receipt or $20 with no Game Stop Receipt)

We also do PS3 Repairs and Nintendo Wii Repairs.

1 Year Warranty on all work
Warranty will include 1 Warranty repair of the same issue or discount on upgraded repair service.

All items must be picked up within 30 days or repair or they are forfeit and subject to disposal.

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